For Companies

Our objectives for companies:

To fill the position with the best possible candidate,  login osg777 as quickly as possible.
A longer term objective is that we develop a smooth and efficient working relationship for future search assignments or when we present outstanding candidates to you when you may not have a budgeted position.

What you can expect from us (how we work):

We search out and recruit top people who are not necessarily “looking” and try to convince them to consider joining your company.
We are closely involved with you and the candidate in every step of the hiring process, from the initial interview to several months after the candidate starts work.
This involvement includes:
a. determining the critical reasons why a candidate might want to make a job change
b. constantly “selling” your company and the position to the candidate
c. helping to prepare you for candidate interviews
d. debriefing calls to the candidate and then to you after every interview
e. providing assistance with reference checking
f. heavy involvement in the offer negotiations
g. and finally, making sure that things are going well for both the candidate and for you after he/she starts work

190 High St., Suite 313
Medford, MA 02155

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