What Is Applied Employment Resources


Energy companies form the foundation of our society. Providing the basics in manpower can be exciting and provides a wide variety of jobs, from working on rigs to support services work.

What is the Applied Employment Resources ?


employmentThe energy sector is the total of all industries involved in the production and sale of energy. Modern society consumes large quantities of fuel and the energy industry is an important part of the country’s infrastructure. Large companies are defined as having more than 1000 employees and can be international.

In particular, the energy industry consists of :

  • Petroleum industry
  • The gas industry, including natural gas extraction and distribution and sales
  • The electric power industry, including generation, distribution and sales
  • Coal industry
  • Nuclear power industry
  • Renewable energy industry, consisting of alternative energy companies and sustainable energySupplying and maintaining fuel-powered equipment
    Plenty of work around support functions to ensure continued industry success
    So why work for the big international energy companies?
  • Big energy companies provide opportunities for highly focused individuals to advance and develop their skills
  • They provide a career path that starts with training and becomes a qualified role through a progression scheme
  • There are opportunities to change disciplines later in your career
  • Prestigious graduate schemes are in high demand and can lead to rewarding and exciting careers
  • International opportunities are offered to employees with different skills
  • An excellent remuneration package for employees with good working conditions at all levels
  • Big energy companies are often on the cutting edge of development and this is often recognized in award winners

So, what skills and qualities do large organizations look for in individuals? A common skill that employers look for in potential employees are individuals who:

  • Passionate and motivated and have a can-do attitude
  • Be flexible and open to changing environments
  • Providing excellent customer service to internal and external customers
  • Who is successful in stakeholder management
  • Prospective employees may need to acquire skills or qualifications depending on the career they are looking for.

Prospective employees need to understand the goals and vision and core values ​​of the organization. For example, in British Gas, vision and values ​​include:

  • Pride in his role
  • Look at the problem from the customer’s point of view
  • Ability to fulfill promises
  • Work as a unit

Prospective employees need to understand and see the role they will play in organizational success. There are many disciplines on offer, which include,

  • Finance – Takes care of all aspects of finance, including accounting
  • IT – Develop and implement innovative information systems for staff and customers, including software development, hardware, testing, quality, and help desk support
  • Human Resources – All areas of Human resources from recruitment to HR generalist roles
  • Production – Is involved in all aspects of energy production from rigs to power plants
  • Servicing – Maintain energy and energy equipment and related products, by performing servicing and performing breakdown work on the spot
  • Procurement – Making purchases and provision of goods and services for businesses
  • Customer Service – Provides support to customers, usually by telephone at a call center
  • Marketing – Designing and implementing a business-wide marketing strategy
  • Sales – A fast-moving area that includes selling energy and energy-related products to customers either over the phone or in person

There is a wide range of careers and energies in attractive sectors, suitable for an equally diverse range of individuals. These roles can be based across the UK in office or based in the local area from house to house or site to site.