Since 1977, Applied Resources has assisted clients in filling key positions in energy services, HVAC design/build services and building automation. Specific focus areas include energy engineering, HVAC engineering (MEP/FP), facility automation and energy management control systems, energy commodity sales and energy service sales, mechanical and electrical contracting and construction management, buildings communication and network systems, performance contracting, building commissioning, energy trading and marketing, industrial energy conservation and cogeneration, facilities operations and support services, energy measurement and verification and project financing. We take pride in our technical and business understanding of your needs and in our ability to identify and recruit the best people. Please keep us in mind when staff additions are required or special recruiting needs arise, whether they be at a management level, at a project engineer level, or for key sales and marketing people. Our clients save valuable time and money by allowing us to find that person who meets exacting requirements.

Alton J. Frabetti Jr., President

B.S., M.S., Sc.D. Chemical Engineering, M.I.T.

      Prior to founding Applied Resources, Dr. Frabetti was employed at Mobil Corp., General Electric Co., Foxboro co. and Development Sciences, Inc. His positions included industrial energy conservation consulting, engineering research and development, technical service engineering, and industrial applications of process control computers.

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Our specialty industries include:

Energy Services,
HVAC Design/Build,
Building Automation,
Power Generation,
Mechanical/Electrical Construction
and Facility Engineering.


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